Welcome to the new Native Jazz Quartet

Listeners Will Be Rockin’ In Their Seats With This Hard Swingin’, High Energy Band:  The Native Jazz Quartet!  


Short history of the ensemble

  •   The Native Jazz Quartet is an American band formed specially to combine two great American creations: Native music and jazz. The Band’s mission is to create new jazz from old songs, using Native American melodies and melodies from Native traditions around the world. This band gives people the chance to rediscover their own music. The result is exciting, fresh, delightfully unexpected and appealing to children, adults, Americans, Norwegians, Tlingit, you name it. . The band is hard-swinging and high energy, based on the swing/bebop tradition, using only native/folk melodies in jazz arrangements.   

Band Members

The band features: Jason Marsalis/vibes, Reuel Lubag/piano and cofounders Ed Littlefield/drums & Christian Fabian/bass. Formed in 2010, the band has already had four successful tours, held its third Native Jazz Workshop in 2014, and recorded their debut CD, released Spring 2013. The CD graced the jazz charts for four month in 2014.Tour performances around the world amazed the Quartet as well as the audiences, with every venue they played asking them to return.  

"It's an amazing way to re-discover your own music."

In the American tradition, the band is culturally diverse: Ed Littlefield is Alaska Native/Tlingit-American, Reuel Lubag is Filipino-American, Jason Marsalis is African-American and Christian Fabian is Swedish/German-American. The Native Jazz Quartet is an exciting new band, with an exciting new message that turns performances into cultural stories into standing ovations. Band members and audiences alike are very excited by the power of Native/Jazz fusion